W136 professional double brush and chamfered Macrilan - W Line

$1.99 USD

Macrilan W136 brush specially developed with a beveled side, ideal for filling eyebrows and also for delineating the lash line and the water line. On the other side with brush format, perfect for combing, aligning the eyebrow strands and removing excess mask from the lashes. Made with synthetic bristles and with a design that facilitates application.

How to use: Slide one side of the brush gently over the eyebrows, the beveled side in addition to assist in filling the eyebrow is ideal to outline the top and bottom of the eyes as well. Take the desired product, always remove the excess and take it gently in the region of the eyebrows or eyes. Use the brush to align the hair and blend the products used to maintain naturalness. Choose the ideal brush for each part of the makeup.

Composition: Synthetic bristles, lead metal, pearly white wooden handle.

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