Kit WB600 with 4 professional brushes for Macrilan contour

$12.95 USD

Macrilan WB600 Brush Kit, specially developed for applying contour products to all areas of the face. Use these brushes to make the markings of light and dark outlines and to blend. With special and super soft synthetic bristles for an impeccable finish and professional result.

How to use: Gently hold the brush and take to the product of preference, go to the region of the eyes or face with subtlety, depositing and giving a light finish to the eyelids or regions of illumination, making circular movements or going back and forth until get a smokey and flawless finish. Choose the ideal brush for each part of the makeup.

Composition: Synthetic and natural bristles, with metal and matte black handle or lead metal with matte white handle and beveled cut.

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