Iridescent Star Light 11g Face Powder

$7.23 USD

Iridescent Star Light Bitarra Beauty Illuminating Face Powder has an ultra-fine texture with more expressive shine particles that reflect silver, gold and rosé, leaving the makeup illuminated.

In addition, the face powder will also help to prolong the makeup even more, without clogging the pores and controlling the oiliness of the skin.

It can be applied to the entire face, neck and other specific points that you want to illuminate.

How to use: The packaging of the powders comes with a doser that prevents waste and can take it in the bag without running the risk of spilling. Apply using sponges or brush.

It has 11g.

Bitarra Beauty does not test any of its products on animals (we are cruelty-free) and values ​​the preservation of the environment (we are eco-friendly) in all production processes.

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