Hera Compact Illuminator - 12g

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The Compact Illuminating Powder Bitarra Beauty has a fine and velvety texture with a high concentration of pressed illuminating pigments, which can highlight the cheekbones and forehead with a light touch.

Its shine particles are super concentrated, adhering more and more to the skin as you build layers and intensify its effect. You can create more sophisticated makes by building layers to make it the desired intensity, ensuring high durability and a fantastic natural effect.

As its name suggests, the function of the Compact Illuminating Powder is to bring points of light and shine to the skin, highlighting the highlights. It can be used together with the contour, generating a more tanned appearance.

We have 6 colors: Aphrodite, Athena, Electra, Gaia, Hera and Nix.

It has 12g.

How to use: Can be used with brush for illuminator, apply the product in the desired regions.

Bitarra Beauty does not test any of its products on animals (we are cruelty-free) and values ​​the preservation of the environment (we are eco-friendly) in all production processes.

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