Gliter Glue 10ml

$7.20 USD

Bitarra's Glitter Glue was developed thinking about the maximum duration and fixation of your glitter and pigment. It has a liquid texture that allows the production of a mixture with glitter, enhancing the performance in the application and maintaining the maximum shine in your Make.

The formulation of the glitter necklace was specially designed so that you shine for much longer without having to retouch your make up all the time.

Create the glow. Be the shine. Use the Bitarra Beauty glitter glue!

It has 10 ml.

How to use: Apply to any desired area, then add glitter or pigment, ensuring durability, fixation and pigmentation of the color used.

Bitarra Beauty does not test any of its products on animals (we are cruelty-free) and values ​​the preservation of the environment (we are eco-friendly) in all production processes.

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