Facial Scrub Skin Care - 50g

$6.23 USD

Scrub Facial Bitarra Beauty with Apricot and Almond Oil in addition to moisturizing, promotes an effective and non-aggressive exfoliation to the skin. The exfoliating action occurs through the Apricot (Apricot) seed particles, which act by accelerating the cell renewal process, eliminating dead cells and stimulating collagen synthesis, in addition to unclogging the pores. It favors the absorption of later products and generates silkiness to the skin.

Vegan Product, Not tested on animals, Paraben Free and Mineral Oil.

How to use: Apply with your hands across the face with circular movements. Spread until completely absorbed. Realize that little by little the particles will come off the skin. However, if you prefer, rinse to facilitate the exfoliating removal.

Contains: 50g

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