Eyebrow Corrector 1,7g Brown

$5.32 USD

The Eyebrow Corrector Bitarra has gel formulation, facilitating the application and enhancing the fixation and durability after application. It fills, shapes and defines the eyebrow easily, outlining and correcting imperfections.

The Eyebrow Corrector is responsible for giving more expression to your face and highlighting the look, producing a more marked and precise eyebrow for a longer time.

The line of Eyebrow Correctors has 2 colors, which are:

Brown: for blondes and lighter skins

Brown: for brunettes and blacks.

The package contains the bristle applicator, very practical and easy to apply.

It has 1.7g.

How to use: apply over the eyebrow spreading with the brush until spreading uniformly the color.

Bitarra Beauty does not test any of its products on animals (we are cruelty-free) and values ​​the preservation of the environment (we are eco-friendly) in all production processes.

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